Our Vision

Growing food, growing lives



Our mission is to address the global issues of poverty and food deprivation by empowering at-risk young adults in Costa Rica with the skills to improve theirs and their family’s quality of life.

We are committed to providing a safe place for young adults to live and learn the different elements of sustainable agriculture and permaculture in an environment that mirrors positive life skills for successful living. 

Short term Goals

Our goals for this next year is to build the infrastructure to make this vision a reality. 

  • We will scout out the ideal property that will allow for all elements of the program. 

  • We will work with public assistance programs to identify at-risk families and communities, and create a training protocol for the program. 

  • We will assist local schools to build vegetable gardens for their school lunch program, while providing students and teachers the tools to maintain those gardens. 

Long term Goals  

  • Improve the social and economic conditions of the poor and destitute through sustainable agricultural development.

  • Provide an in-residence, 12 month sustainable agriculture training program which will include; learning different methods for growing vegetables, maintaining a fruit and coffee orchard, raising animals for food, bee keeping, tilapia farming, uses of medicinal plants, how to start and maintain your own small business (Microfinance), and work in a local farmer’s market.

  • Partner with various public assistance programs to identify at-risk communities and provide free organic fruits and vegetables and health education to those families.

  • Encourage civic responsibility through community outreach

  • Partner with local schools to provide education on good nutrition and how it relates to sustainable agriculture

  • Partner with Costa Rican universities to help provide educational support

  • Advocate for the preservation and conservation of Costa Rican rainforests and prevention of tropical deforestation to protect environmental biodiversity

  • Allow for short term volunteers to assist with various projects

Marco and Talitha Ulloa

Founders of Vida Raiz Farm Works